For all of you, my MSS guys

Dear guys,

It’s 4 days after the 2nd Anniversary of May Sunshine. It’s a very hot day. The heat can never be my friend, but it’s nice to write something to you, all of you, to say how much I care and how much I appreciate your presence in my life, in our company, for the last 2 years, and hopefully the next many years ahead.

So back to the past few years. First came with the group of 5. I called this group: Alpha-team, the name came from a film that I had seen not that long before. If any of you missed that film, then I can tell you that it’s a fantastic film that you should have never missed. A group of five soldiers, undefeatable soldiers. And the team I do have for the first missions began with: Lộc, Huy Phong, Phú, Vân, Trung.

And from those first roots, Sơn, Huyền, Toàn, Mãn, Tấn Phong, An joined. And with those MSS got over the size of 10, thus reaching another level : 10-20 employees size.

We grow slowly but firmly, like I always say. And we choose that way to grow with the hope that we always can guarantee the best results for all of you, my treasured staff. And on the other side of the matter, since we grow slowly so we could have had so much time together, so much fun, truly fun.

Thank you all for being with us, we wish you health-love-laughs along with your lives 🙂

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