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Nguyen Huu Trung
UI/Multimedia Designer
Huu Trung has held positions as UI/Multimedia Designer for many years. Trung is responsible for UI design, implement layout with standard HTML+CSS for Catglobe system and clients, support Front-end website development, progamming Flash application, games, … specializing in Web master for many companies websites with many open source platforms.
“Tell him what you need, and just some minutes later, you will get right what you need. Amazingly satisfied”.
That’s what clients think about Trung.
You really can count on Trung.

Phạm Ngọc Sơn
Data Consultant
Son has been familiar with the CG and CEM systems for many years. Son takes care of setting up questionnaire and make report, dashboard. He also can do the Programming by using the languages such as C, VB.Net, C#, ASP and CGScript, JavaScript, C-Shell. Son is also fluent at using Testing tools: Unittest, Beginner Selenium and QTP. He is also good at managing CCNA network. Son is highly responsible for the job, extremely good at time and task management, can do multi-tasks and quick at learning new system knowledge. His variety knowledge and good characters can bring helpful solutions to all the clients.

Nguyen Tran Tri
Vietnam Team Leader
Tri is the new and youngest member in MSS family, which is also the first place he works after graduation. When he was a student he got a lot of remarkable achievement such as he was the president of an IT club, worked at Microsoft as collaborators, the leader of GP3S team who had won the competition of design software Imagine Cup Vietnam and represented the nation to take part in the final at Sydney – Australia. Now he is working at MSS as data consultant, and in charge of COOP project and BMW project. In the future he wants to deal with more new challenges in the company to accumulate more knowledge and experiences.

Pham Huu Phu
System Administrator
Phu has worked as an independent Network/System Administrator for many years. Phu is responsible for deploy Catglobe Solution platform, web administrator and support IT technical for other employees, end users. His skills are strategically planning of network infrastructure, system management (Windows/Linux) and Virtualization.
The deep dedication and high responsibility of Phu will bring any clients to a higher level of satisfaction. People call Phu ” dearest admin”.

Tu Ngoc Man
Data Consultant
Man takes care of the tasks such as setup and managing Questionnaires, applicate open sources, manage Network system, test…. Man really sets high goals on his job and he reach them amazingly well. Man actually takes responsibilities for any tasks he gets and also finish them in a high level of quality that bring satisfaction to the clients. He also has ability on learning new technologies and systems and figure out solutions for problems quickly. If you ever has a chance to work with Man, you will see how quick Man can adapt to the environment and make progress.

Nguyen Thi Duy An
Data Consultant
For many year working on testing cg system, An has a deep knowledge about it. Beside that she has ability to cope with high-pressure, identify problems and creative solution in quickly time. She is enthusiastic and a fast learner. Her responsibility to getting requirements from client then plan and execute them such as set up questionnaire, deliver survey to respondents, making report, dashboard.

Mrs Toan
Mrs Toan prepares and cooks food and assist in other catering needs of MSS staffs. She also ensures the General cleaning of working areas and kitchen, dining areas, toilets as well as other surrounded areas inside the building.
Mrs Toan also makes sure that all the computers and equipments is clean and hygienic.Thanks to her enthusiastic and hard-working character, and thanks to her cooking skills, MSS staffs really enjoy a fresh and clean working environment as well as delicious foods and drinks every working days.

Pham Minh Lap
Data Consultant

Le Khac Bao Ngoc
Data Consultant

Nguyen Nhu Hong
Data Consultant

Nguyen Trinh Phuc Nhan
Data Consultant

Nguyen Hien Trung
Technical Manager

Ha Thi Kim Dinh
Executive Assistant

Ho Viet Luu
Data Consultant

Tran Vu Thai Binh
Data Consultant

Hoang Ho Nhu Ngoc Y
Data Consultant

Dennis Haney
Outsourcing Director

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