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Hoang Thi Tuyet Mai
Chief Executive Officer
She is one of the founders of May Sunshine with the MBA and years of management experience. She is working as a senior key person in charge of managing and leading all the operations in May Sunshine. She never stops growing up working inspiration and bring it to all staffs.

Tri Nguyen
Vietnam Team Leader
He is working as a project manager, planning, executing, closing projects, and managing VN team. He has got significant contribution in organizing a working team at May Sunshine.

Phu Pham
IT Administrator
He is responsible for deploying Catglobe Solution
platform, web administrator. He also supports IT technical for other employees and end users.

An Nguyen
For many years working on testing cg system, Mrs. An has a deep knowledge about it. And now, almost of new functions that we’re using is tested by her.

Toan Tran
She prepares and cooks food and assists in other
catering needs of staffs in May Sunshine. She also ensures the General cleaning of working areas.


Huan Nguyen
Front-end cum Designer
He now works independently with tasks such as handling projects setup, websites maintenance and fixing, designing cards, posters and documents as requested.

Le Khac Bao Ngoc
Data Consultant

Hong Nguyen
Data Consultant
Mr. Hong is the guy who setup the Panel Bus and the recruitment (10 blocks) on Voxmeter. He’s mainly responsible for EDC report.

Cuong Truong
Mr. Cuong is working as a freelance developer who usually fixes the small bug and does some new CGS functions as requested.

Trung Nguyen
Technical Manager
He is a senior developer specializing on many major dashboards such as CEM Bank, CEM Music… And he’s an author of questionnaire editor, axis set editor…

Thuy Ngo
Ms. Thuy involves to upholding legal requirements, administration paperwork, maintaining on workplace activities and benefits.

Ho Viet Luu
Data Consultant

Binh Tran
Data Consultant
Mr. Binh is taking care many tracking questionnaires such as CEM Bank and BUS. He also does setup questionnaire, prepares samples, and releases data for portal

Ngoc Y
Mr. Y is mainly responsible for CEM Music project doing all the apps and portal. He is also known as a leader of Hue team.

Dennis Haney
Technical Director
He’s a master who does everything that no one can do. He’s also a main developer for Catglobe system. And he is now working as a key one in maintaining and developing the whole system.


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